Thor: Ragnarok

I am somewhat worried about what will happen in Ragnarok. In Norse Mythology, Ragnarok is the colossal fight toward the end of time that connotes the consummation of this world and the introduction of the following. Furthermore, essentially everybody aside from Yggdrasil dies.

Almost certain that is exactly what is normal. In the funnies, this has occurred many circumstances over and will be pushed into this one. It will close the book on Asgard for some time inside the Cinema Universe until they choose where to go next.

I completely cherish the possibility of Tony being hesitant to call Thor since he knows he’d most likely agree with Cap lmao

Question: Does Thor control his sledge while it sits on the table since judging by the heaviness of the mallet (Nobody yet the Vision can lift) the mallet would have experienced the table at this point… DON’T KNOW IF I’M SPOILING THE MARVEL IDEAS BUT I JUST NEED IN DEPTH UNDERSTANDING.

Entirely, in the event that you watch Age of Ultron Thor likewise puts his sledge on a table in Stark Tower while the others attempt to lift it. So it would not experience the table and It’s not that it is super substantial it’s that nobody however Thor and Vision are worthy,no one can lift it cause they arent sufficiently commendable and vision can lift it cause he has a stone that was made by the huge explosion in his temple, yet I would accept that the weight is that of a typical sledge for the individuals who can lift it.

wow so this essentially recently said that Thor 3 will clarify truly EVERYTHING about the limitlessness stones, Thanos, and practically everything to set up Avengers 3.

To give you some unique situation, the new chief for Thor was one of the executives a sweetheart mockumentary called “What we do in the shadows” around three level sharing vampires. This short is additionally coordinated by a similar person, so it is made in the same vein.

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